About Us

At ISRSS, we try to work together with our clients to develop customized software solutions according to their requirements. Since we are not in this industry, we have enjoyed continuous year on year growth and have successfully partnered with local and international organizations to deliver quality products on time and budget.

We understand that every business is different that is why we are diversified and so far developed number of software for different business organization.

Our technical team put a lot of efforts to understand your needs and your business strategy and design a solution based on your objectives. Our clients are confident that we will deliver cost effective solution every time, that is why many of our clients choose ISR as their preferred partner for all of their software requirements.

ISRSS is a quality conscious company and believes on quality products, giving our clients the assurance that all our products and services are delivered at the highest level. Our outsourcing services are well managed by the team of professionals and so far we have served for local and international companies in Pakistan, USA, Finland and UK.