Outsourcing helped us cut the clutter, gain insight and distill our team’s thoughts for the digital media study. The access to top level executives, the granular bottom-up approach, and the understanding of our corporate strategy made it an invaluable resource for us.

For many companies, reducing operating costs is a key goal of IT outsourcing, but not all companies realize such savings. One reason managers may not realize the expected gains from IT outsourcing is that they narrowly focus on only their IT costs. However, our research suggests that outsourcing IT can also help to reduce other expenses such as sales and general and administrative costs, which are often four to five times IT costs. When managers think of IT outsourcing as a mere substitute for internal IT investments, this narrow focus hides many potential cost benefits."

Outsourcing enables small businesses to benefit from the professional capabilities without the equipment, know-how, software or personnel to complete their work."

Keeping us focused, educating us on our options, identifying well qualified suppliers, and operating under tight deadlines were all things that outsourcing did exceptionally well for us. It has brought us good data and a solid practice to the table. I personally learned a lot from it, and they opened my eyes to the possibilities of outsourcing on a broader scale."